Chain Transfer Conveyor Manufacturer

As a pop up chain transfer conveyor manufacturer, Guanhou designs roller and chain transfers that are used in pallet conveyor systems to sort or merge lines or change the direction of travel by 90 degrees. We offer a variety of options to meet conveyability requirements, weight, and system throughput. Some common configuration options are listed below.

  • RF60 or RF80 Chain Transfer
  • 2-1/2”, 2-5/8, 3-1/2” Pop Up Roller Transfer
  • Chain Transfers for Roller Centers at 4-1/2” Minimum
  • Air Cylinder Wedge Lift Driven Lift
  • Air Cylinder Linkage Lift
  • Airmount Lift
  • Chain Transfer In Roller Conveyor Frame
  • Chain Transfer Through Roller Conveyor Frame
  • Pivoting Chain Transfer Through Frame
  • Cross Chain Transfer – Between Two Roller Conveyors
  • Proximity Sensors for Position Detection

Guanhou, as a chain transfer conveyor manufacturer, has pre-engineered transfers for empty pallets or loaded pallets. Full pallet design capacity is 4,000 pounds, but can be modified to meet the application.

For full pallet transfers the lift mechanism incorporated is a wedge lift driven by an air cylinder. This arrangement provides very controlled vertical travel with a solid stable base in both the raised and lowered position.

Empty pallet transfers often used air mounts with a guide mechanism to provide the vertical lift.

Pop up roller transfers or chain transfer are available. Deciding on which transfer to incorporate into the system largely depends on the overall system design and arrangement. One advantage to the pop-up roller transfer is that loads can be conveyed with continuous chain support across a roller conveyor chainbox.

Poor pallet quality can be an issue in an automated material handling system. Locating rollers closer together can reduce issues with poor pallet quality, but tight roller centers also limit the space available for chain transfers. Guanhou has developed a chain transfer for 4,000-pound loads that is fabricated using a 3/8” plate welded steel frame which allows for 2-1/2” diameter rollers on 4-1/2” centers. This transfer includes a chain take-up design that can be adjusted without any conveyor disassembly or removal of rollers.