Telescopic Belt Conveyor

Seamless, free to stretch, allowing everything to come and go

Simple collocation, easy to cope with various occasions

Product introduction

Telescopic belt conveyor is in the ordinary belt conveyor

added with telescopic mechanism, so that the belt

machine can freely expand in the length direction, users

can adjust the button according to their own

requirements, at any time to control the length of the

conveyor. It is widely used in logistics industry to realize

automatic production of material loading and unloading.

In the machine equipped with automatic lifting device,

the user can also control the height of the conveyor end

at any time. Telescopic belt conveyor is mainly used in

loading and unloading vehicles and material transport

systems with telescopic requirements. Houng Fuh has

created two parts drawer achine and telescopic belt


Operating characteristics

●Use the adjustment button to control the length of the

conveyor at any time.

●Control the height of the conveyor end at any time on

the machine equipped with automatic lifting device.

Equipment advantages

Two- sections drawer machine

Product introduction

The drawer machine is designed in modules,and is

consists of motors of two layers,frame,tension,conveying

belts,electrical control,guide rail.Roller and general parts

are designed in quick change type,which is easy to

maintain and repair.Driving parts is made in groove

structure,reasonable space is reserved.The lower conveyor

can be pulled unhindered.The lower belt conveyor lie on

the guide rail and is supported by head and end guided

roller.The adjustable supports are set on the front parts of

the lower belt convey-or.Heights are adjustable.