Sorting Equipment Series

Single area sorting efficiency 12000/h

Product introduction

The Gguanhou sorter system has the advantages of

excellent efficiency, 99.99% accuracy, flexibility and site

utilization. It is a kind of sorting solution to achieve

maximum economic benefits and high relibility. A wide

range of goods can be sorted,weighing less than 5 grams,

up to 50 kg; especially suitable for express express, e-

commerce, supermarkets, airports, shoes,clothing,

pharmaceutical, tires and other logistics sorting centers.

Product series

Slide Shoe Sorter

years of experience in this product. Over the years we have

invested further to improve its features, to make sure we are

leaders in the market. Widely deployed in E-commerce,

Express, Supermarket Retail, Pharmaceutical Industries.

Product advantages

●Rich experience in logistics sorting industry

Technology leader in the industry

●99.99% sorting accuracy.

Personalized solutions for customers


Cross Belt Sorter

Cross Belt Sorter

Collaborative solution combining mechanical, electrical and IT

solutions. Suitable for different logistic applications to

improve efficiency and speed up the process.

Product advantages

●Low energy consumption

●Low noise level to 65-70 dB

●One car two belts available

Speed switching and real-time tracking

●Easy maintenance

Steerable Wheel Sorter

This solution has been deployed by many Express related

customers, proven to be a mature solution that underwent

the peak volumes of the year. The steerable wheel sorter is a

highly efficient yet simple product that can be utilized for

cartons/boxes/ books/ packages.

Product advantages

●Sorting is accurate and has no impact on articles.

●Easy to assemble and easy to maintain.

●Flexible size and can adjust to different products

●Synchronized drive

●Flexible layout and small footprint