Vertical Conveyors

Logistics and transportation hub among the floors


Continuous Vertical Conveying System

Guanhou's continuous lifters are commonly used in conveyor system that require multi-

level transport, including many references which works with sortation systems and

distribution centers. These lifters are flexible in design and can have infeed /outfeeds

according to customer requirement.( z- type, C- type, E- type L type multi-outlet type etc.)It

is suitable for plastic turnover box, paper packaging, tooling board, cylinder and various soft


Product advantages

●Standard and modularized.

●Ensures steady transport and efficiency.

●Low cost and fast delivery.

●Reliable safe operation.

●Long lifespan. 

Reciprocating Type Vertical Conveying System

Guanhou' s reciprocating lifters are key components to conveying systems that requires

an automated process to transport goods both horizontally and vertically. They take heavier

loads such as fully loaded pallets, and can deliver a high throughput while only requiring a

small footprint. These lifters can be seen in many of our system integrator client applications.

Product advantages

●Operating safety, using a number of safety measures.

●Standard and modularized, low maintenance cost.

●High throughput, large amount of

handling in a short time.

●Diversification of conveyor size.