Curve Belt Conveyor

Striving for perfection in quality

Perfection of high speed and smooth direction changing

Product introduction

         As curve belt conveyor has high efficiency and smooth running characteristics, it is mostly used in food, harmaceutical, household appliances manufacturing and light industrial production lines. Curve belt conveyor can convey a wide range of materials, not only a variety of bulk materials, but also a variety of cartons, packaging bags and other small pieces of goods etc.

Product characteristics

●Driving mode: motor drive, electrical roller drive.

●Speed regulation mode: variable frequency speed regulation and infinite speecregulation.

●Frame material: Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum profiles.

Product Advantages

Transport is smoothly and there is no relative movement between material and●

conveyor belt, which can avoid damage to conveying goods.

Low noise, suitable for quiet working environment.●

The structure is simple and easy to maintain. 

Low energy consumption and low cost.●